Maturity…. who knew!?

Whoa.  I saw this on Pinterest this morning and was all…. “DAMNIT… I’ve MATURED!???  Who wants to be MATURE!!??”  LOL  ….but alas.  It happened and I didn’t even know it.

Things at work have been a bit on the rough side lately… this past week in particular, and I have shockingly taken it all in stride.  In fact, during the worst of it, I was able to “check myself before I wrecked myself” 😉  I also spent a lot more time thinking about the fact that other people have their own shit… and not everything is about me… and guess what!?  I CAN’T CONTROL EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!!!  I have been working on mastering this since the divorce, and honestly.  I think I am there!  I CAN’T control anyone but me.  And that’s GREAT because it means that I also am not responsible for every bad thing that happens in the universe 😉

I have decided to ride this maturity wave like a champ.  I turn 40 this year and I am totally cool with that!  40 is going to be my year of merging who I want to me with who I AM… and I honestly don’t even have far to go as I am pretty much there.  This is going to get long but….  I have whole other story on this topic!!!!

The other day I was trying to avoid going to the gym because I was taking a new class that I hadn’t taken before and trying new things is freaky!  Also… it was going to be a nuisance because my little naughty boy had a homework detention, so I was going to have to drive all the way back to bring him home and then allllllll the way back to the gym.  Then this happened:

See that part where I said, “LOL I don’t even do that anymore”  I DON’T DO THAT ANYMORE!!!  I can’t even REMEMBER the last time I was all bummed out about my appearance… my body… my fat.  It was a bizarre revelation to realize that I have accepted myself for who I am.  And that before all of this, I thought that meant “giving up.”  IT DOESN’T!!!!  Actually I am working just as hard as ever to tone shit up and stay active… but NOT because I hate who I am… but because I LOVE how being active makes me feel inside AND out!! 
So… I guess all this hippy dippy shit journey I have been taking ACTUALLY is leading me in the right direction.  WOO HOO!!!

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