To puppy …or not to puppy? THAT is the question!

We have been going back-and-forth about this one for MONTHS now!  A couple weeks ago we even were in contact with a Golden Retriever breeder and were going to go that weekend to pick up a pup.  ….But the breeder was a little weird and over-eager and frankly kind of obnoxious, so I got cold feet and we decided to wait until spring.  Another reason I got cold feet was that once I had made the decision to pull the trigger and get a puppy.  I immediately was like… “Whoa…. this is my last day of freedom.  Do I really want to walk a dog in 3 feet of snow?  In the Rain?  In 1 degree?”  So for about two weeks I was in nope-I-don’t-want-a-dog mode.  And now that has worn off again and I am once again suffering from puppy fever.

So since blogging has helped me in the past to cut through my cluttered mind…. here we go!

Reasons I want a dog:

  1. I want a dog to walk/run with me.
  2. Having a dog that I ‘have to walk’ is motivating to get me off my ass
  3. I want a dog to snuggle on the couch in the evenings (for the snuggles and for the distraction from wanting to snack on the couch which is the bane of my existence)
  4. Jessi is leaving for college soon and I think I am trying to fill that ‘hole’ in my soul… and probably seeking distractions
  5. Lonnie and I are not having kids of our own and couples like that ALWAYS get a puppy instead 😉
  6. Dogs are fun and entertaining and make me laugh!
Reasons I do not want a dog:
  1. When the weather is less-than-ideal taking a dog out to the bathroom sucks ass.
  2. Things can go wrong…. and get expensive.
  3. There is a lot more poop and puke in your life when you have a dog.
  4. Lonnie and I like out freedom and often go away on the weekends to Portland… camping… etc.  With a dog we will always have to find a sitter or go someplace where dogs are welcome.
  5. Lonnie is worried that his elderly dog will get even less attention than he gets now, so of course I will worry about that too and become the Give-Avalanche-Attention-Nazi.  (When frankly, Ave is not really an attention-wanting dog.  He’s old and he’s tired.)  
That’s all I’ve got.  And no revelation  or AHA moment happened.  Damn.

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