Still not killin’ it

Feeling like a slug.  I haven’t even gone to the gym at all this week.

Maine is just so gross this time of year.  All I want to do is snuggle and be cozy and sleepy.  I believe there are those that call it “SAD: seasonal affective disorder” ….but I put that in the same category with my RLS.  Except even less so since while I am NOT doing so…. there are plenty of things I COULD be doing to make the blues disappear… like take care of myself and NOT spend the afternoon on the couch eating doritos (Which I totally justified by “putting them in a bowl” and not eating out of the bag.) while watching 36 episodes of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and ‘Something Borrowed, Something New.

I am actually not beating myself up about it though, which is a change.  I know I am in a little rut… and I know that it will pass.  I can actually already feel it passing since last night I was drawn to lots of healthy recipes on Pinterest that I can’t wait to eat.  I have learned to TRUST MYSELF!  Our bodies REALLY DO begin to crave health.  We just have to listen!

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