Still going….

When I don’t blog for awhile… it usually means I have fallen off the wagon.  But since I started this whole “Hunger Directed Eating” thing… there is no wagon to fall from.  No wagon.  None.  I feel like a giant weight has been lifted from my soul.  I realize that sounds incredibly dramatic…. but this IS incredibly dramatic.

I have actually FORGOTTEN about my favorite foods that was were in the fridge.  The leftover potato salad (my FAVORITE!) is NOT sitting in the fridge there CALLING, no… SCREAMING, my name… while I fight with all my might to ignore the screams …until I can fight no more and go have one more bowl full… even though I am not in the least bit physiologically hungry.  That potato salad now sits there quietly, waiting for me, and I will only eat it if I am hungry AND want that more than anything else. I am not worrying that someone else will eat it and it will be gone… or it will go bad and I won’t be able to eat it as I have in the past, because I can always make more!
One of the big takeaways for me with HDE (hunger directed eating) was the exercise of actually saying to myself “What do I feel like eating?”  Do I want something crunchy?  Salty?  Sweet? Creamy?  Comfort-foodish?  And then eating what I REALLY WANT… not what I “should” have or am “supposed” to have.   Because who knows better than you… what it is you need?  And your brain and soul eat your food just as much as your body does… so if you are only feeding the body… and the soul/brain/mind is still starving for what it really wanted… you are guaranteed to eat more than you need to because you can only starve your soul for so long.  So you eat what you “think you should” and then ALSO later on ate what you really needed to feel complete satisfaction.

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