Focus T25- Day 2

We made it through day 2!  It actually didn’t seem so bad, until a couple hours later when the soreness really started kicking in.  Ow my achin’ ASS!  LOL  Feels SOOOOOO good to be sore though, I missed that feeling of being aware of my whole body because I am actually USING it!

My thoughts so far on T25…

  • Love the workout, and love that I can grow with it by starting out with the low impact version and working up
  • HATE the ads before and after pushing their stupid protein/fitness shakes.  Beachbody is such a racket.
  • It’s not technically 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  There is a 3 minute stretch/cooldown after each 25 minute workout AND on day 5 they recommend doing TWO sessions.  Obviously you don’t HAVE to, there are no Beachbody Police (are there??) but if you want to be “on the program,”  then you do have to.
  • The diet that comes with it is a joke.  Of COURSE people will lose weight on it… they are starving to death.  No thank you.
Reading another book that I am liking even more than the one I blogged about the other day.  Tons of research and facts about dieting and how it doesn’t work and actually you FATTER!  I love research and facts and stuff.  More on the book in another blog….  but the bottom line is that people that don’t ever diet and just eat what they want WHEN THEY ARE ACTUALLY HUNGRY, are not fat.  I will be one of “those people.”

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