Anti-Turkey Day

There is no turkey in this house today.  When I first learned that we would not be able to have a big thanksgiving dinner, and that it was just going to be Lonnie and I, I was sad and maybe a tear or two were shed.  You may be shocked to learn that divorce isn’t all fun and games 😉

Once I resigned myself to the fact that things would be different this year, I decided to EMBRACE IT!!

Lonnie and I started the day by starting the T25 program (not the diet, just the workout)..  And based on a blog that I enjoy reading, I made sure to stick to the low impact version and i did NOT “GO HARD” because I want to create a habit, not an injury or a torturous experience that I will quit.

We are also making a Prime Rib Roast today.  I LOVE PRIME RIB and I haven’t had it in probably ten years.  It’s one of those things that is scary to make at home and ruin.  But we found this article from ‘The Food Lab’ and we are going for it!!

One Saturday the family is all getting together to celebrate Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to see everyone and eat my sister-in-law’s deviled eggs and squish my niece and nephew 😀

Gotta run…. our roasting pan is MIA and Lonnie is requesting that I join the search party!

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