Pics or it didn’t happen

Lonnie is old school.  Lonnie is an introvert.  Lonnie would be perfectly happy living “off the grid” if he could find a way to still use his xbox 😉  Lonnie has a facebook, and an instagram, and e-mail… but he rarely looks at it and even more rarely actually uses it (unless he is writing about his outdoors stuff, which he loves).  Actually, he is just this side of hating social media.  But, as with many things… he knows that I love it, so he plays along.  Like I do when we go camping 😉

We took a much-needed getaway this past weekend and at one point I mentioned that I would love if he snapped a pic now and then with his phone, because other than selfies (which as we all know are NOT a real representation of what we really look like), sometimes I feel as though I don’t exist.  And he thought that was very silly and snapped a pic of me with a towel on my head to post on instagram with a hashtag that said, #mygirlfriendsaysitdidnthappenifitsnotontheinternet.  We laughed about it, but it got me thinking about my love for social media.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the interaction and attention that social media brings– I am an extrovert after all, BUT I really do it for me.  I love looking back at the photos and posts.  It’s like a digital scrapbook for me, especially because I don’t make physical scrapbooks anymore.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE going back and seeing what I was doing ‘on this day of….’ When I just did it got for this blog post I totally got laughing reading this blog post from 2007 about my Nana.  (Click on the pic to read the whole thing.)

I have NO DOUBT that people may groan or roll their eyes because I post a lot and people think that I am an oversharer.  I can assure you that there is more than enough non-interwebs-shared-other-stuff going on, and that my phone is full of pics and videos that I keep just for me.

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