Our favorite recipes lately…. and the stories that go with them

I am going to start this post with advice about allrecipes.com, my goto site for all things cooking.  The number of stars is the first thing I check, but if a recipe has 4 or 5 stars and only 10 reviews…. a further looksie must be taken 😉
Once I have checked the star rating and glanced at the recipe itself and the photos…. I think even more important than the recipe itself is to scan through the comments.  There are often glaring themes of changes that people made to the recipe in order to rate as highly as they did.  Case in point… our newest “staple” recipe, Sweet Sticky and Spicy Chicken (and by staple, I mean we make this weekly and it’s noticed if we don’t!)  The recipe does not call for the chicken to be dredged in flour before cooking.  A zillion people in the comments mention this and how without this additional step… they may as well take “sticky” out of the title.  It’s completely different and soooo much better.  The one even works well with whatever gluten-free flour we have on hand if Jessi is joining us for dinner ….and actually following her prescribed diet 😉
This one of our fav ‘cook as a family’ recipes.  Sean LOVES being the official “sauce maker”…and we love never knowing exactly how spicy it will end up because he often gets teaspoons and tablespoons mixed up 😉  (we use sriracha instead of the hot sauce)
No story.  It just makes damn good burritos.  We also add black beans for frugality and fiber 😉
A new fav.  So, so good and different than anything else I cook (Since, as Jessi tells her friends, we pretty much only eat Asian and Mexican food)  We like to serve it with pork roast and sauerkraut for a perfect autumn meal.
OK… gonna be honest about this one and I fully admit that I am a horrible, petty, shallow individual for it, but I made these because my daughter kept talking about the cookies that my ex-husband’s girlfriend made for her.  I would like to say that they just sounded really good, so I wanted to make some… but lez-be-honest…. I wasn’t going to be outdone in the cooking department by the new chick.  I know.  Terrible.  But I am nothing if not honest 😉 ….and these cookies were fucking delicious, like I want to go make more right now typing this post.

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