RLS and stuff

I had started another blog called “ON IT” to use as weight loss/exercise motivation and to not clog up my regular blog with all health and fitness crap.  But HELLO!??  Health and fitness crap is what interests me!  ….and this is MY BLOG!!!  So I am scrapping that other blog and just doing all that stuff here!

RLS update.  After reading my blog about my restless legs, my mom talked to me about my Restless Legs Syndrome, and as a result, I decided to try the Gabapentin.  So I did.  Last week was a rough week, a busy week, and I was an emotional wreck.  For a few days I chalked it up to Lonnie’s new job keeping him gone til late every night, and my officially starting my new position.

Then it got worse.  And worse.  Until Friday night when I was literally a crying, hysterical, mess of anxiety and grief about… well… nothing and everything.  But really, nothing.   I still was blaming the new schedules as I went to bed, and just thinking that maybe I am just fucking batshit crazy and as I went to bed I decided maybe I need to see someone.

Then in the middle of the night I woke up with an epiphany and remembered reading this Side effects can include mood or behavior changes, depression, or anxiety. before I started the Gabapentin. HOLY SHIT!!  That drug made me crazy (ok… crazier than my normal level of crazy that I embrace wholeheartedly)!

The next morning Lonnie and I talked about it and he agreed that it had to be the drug because I just was not myself at all, and said “Well… you have to choose.  Batshit crazy or wiggly-leg-girl??”  To which I again began to cry, this time completely drug induced.  What an unfair choice!  The drug WORKED!  I was not wiggly and it was AWESOME!

We decided I was done with the drug, and that we were going to have to work harder to integrate daily exercise into our lives and hope that helps, in addition to starting B vitamins (at my mom’s suggestion).  Honestly, so far so good!  I had poo-pooed exercise being helpful, but we have made sure to exercise every day (plus some of my other tried and true home remedies…lol) since I stopped the drug and no wiggly leg girl. I haven’t started the B vitamin yet because I keep forgetting to take it.

Oh yeah.  And I am not crazy anymore…. well…. relatively speaking 😉

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