I {heart} planning stuff

It’s common knowledge in our circle that Lonnie and I plan to move far, far away once the kids are grown and moved on to their grown-up lives.  If nothing else, it’s been something fun and interesting to research and talk about, and spend time daydreaming about our exotic lives in Thailand, Costa Rica, Australia, India….  you name it, we have talked about it!

Some of my favorite “research methods” are reading blogs, ExPatFocus.com, and watching House Hunters International.  I LOVE watching House Hunters International.  A lot of times it’s people who are waaaaaay out of our income bracket who are looking houses and areas where we will never live. But mixed in with the Richie McRicherson’s are just regular people who, like us, are looking for an adventure!

I think this adventure is so exciting because the options are completely open and endless!  And because Lonnie is up for anything as much as I am… but fortunately he does bring a little reasonableness to the table.

::::Que flashback to a very hot, humid day in August::::

Me: ::::::whining and fussing and complaining:::: I HATE THIS!! I JUST HATE IT!  IT’S SO FUCKING HOT AND THE AIR IS STUPID! (translation: it’s humid and the air feels thick)
Lonnie: You do realize that it’s like this every day in most of the places on our list of places to live, right?
Me: THAT is COMPLETELY different.  When you live there, you are used to it and it’s just life.
Lonnie: ::::laughing heartily:::::: Ok………  I know that the world that exists in there (as he gestures all around my head) isn’t exactly the same as it is out here in the rest of the world.  But hot and humid is hot and humid whether you LIVE THERE or not.
Me: Nope.  You’re wrong.  It’s completely different.
Lonnie: ::::eyerolling:::: Ok Honey, I’m sure you’re right. 

Welcome to Lonnie’s life 😉

….and BTW.  I still think it’s different if you live there!

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