OK so clearly I fell off it. And I suck

I don’t know why this has to be so hard.  When I am ‘on it’ and taking care of myself, I feel FANTASTIC!  I feel thinner almost immediately (less bloated I would imagine).  I never feel deprived because I always work snacks and treats into my daily calories, and I just plain feel good.

The “something” happens.  This past week it was the fact that I had to start getting up an hour earlier to rush and get Jessi to Field Hockey practice.  I think have to rush home from work and take her back to practice (they have double sessions), then I have to pick her up again an hour-and-a-half later.  So what do I feel the need to do in my short hour of waiting to go back and get her??  Well eat a whole bag of Pirate’s Booty of course.  Why do I do that???  I think I resent running around like a chicken with my head cut off… plus I am TIRED from getting used to getting up earlier… but why does that have to equal “eat a whole bag of something”???????  Because it always does, and it always has.  And the kicker is that I KNOW EXACTLY what I am doing and why, and still choose to do it anyway.  WHY!???

Well, I guess if I knew the answer to that, I wouldn’t be fat.

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