But…. Summer…..

How can summer already be over!?  We had so few hot, sunny days this year.  I think there was one week when we went swimming a few times, other than that, I think we spent more time at the movies on rainy days off.  ….And now it’s pretty much over.  Yesterday I dropped Jessi off at 7am to begin what will most likely be her last season of playing field hockey.  😦 I had been pushing her to play in college, but she is really not feeling it.  And her current plan (they change a LOT) is to get an apartment with friends in Portland and go to community college down there, so no field hockey fitting into that scenario.  Who knows though… sometimes the plan is USM, sometimes the plan takes her to Nashville…..

So… just now I took a quick bathroom break from typing this blog and minimized my screen (I am at work, waaaaaaaay early because I have to drop Jessi off have 7am and have nothing else to do.)  When I came back I looked at my desktop and saw this collage of summer photos.  What the hell have I been bitching about!!??  We have camped… fished…. swam…. fished some more… visited with family and friends…. went on a lighthouse tour…  Geez I am a silly woman.  We had a great freaking summer!! And this weekend I am going to Brunswick with my girls to run a color race and play play play!!  So yeah… Summer is almost over.

 And it was a GREAT ONE!!!

And I end this post with some random pics from my phone, because I can…

How freakin’ adorable is my bruiser of a nephew!!???
We went to Acadia to take Jessi’s senior portraits… it was a gorgeous fun day!
LOVED this movie!  This and World War Z were my fav of the summer!

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