The small stuff

The kids went off with Rick to the cottage on East Grand Lake that we all used to go to every year.  I am having “feelings.”  Hate that shit…. lol!  I am happy with my life now and I wouldn’t go back for a million dollars, but sometimes it’s the small stuff I miss…

  • like the week of preparing for camp and loading up the car until there wasn’t one lick of space left.  
  • Having in-laws to call and talk to and that call me to ask me stuff all the time too.  
  • My air conditioned bedroom 😉
  • My old running route
  • My sink and faucet…. damn they are the best sink and faucet ever
  • Not having to go upstairs to go to the bathroom
  • The awesome parties that we used to have and that have gone on now without me
Anyway… you get the idea.  I mean obviously there is the “big stuff” too… like feeling bad that the kids have to live in two houses now and stuff… but it’s really the little stuff that hits me now and then like a ton of bricks.  Or maybe just a couple bricks…..
DISCLAIMER:    For for those of you out there who may be thinking “WTF is she being all sentimental about… she hated that place” ….yes you are right.  And wrong. In all fairness… overall I hate that camp  😉  Every night we played ‘dodge the bat that got in’ and that is NOT my favorite game in the world…plus it smelled.  And it was boring.

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