Oh how the mighty have fallen

I fell off it.  I fell hard.  Last weekend I got a raging eye infection and I was MISERABLE.  So… as I so often do, I ate my feelings and I got lazy and complacent… and then stayed in that ‘eating and lazy space’ all week long.

Tomorrow I am starting full-on training for my 5k.  I can’t slack anymore!!  I am going to get up and run every other day before work.  It’s SO HARD to do this because I would much rather snuggle with my honey.  My favorite part of the day is the morning half-asleep snuggles before starting the day… but he does live here now, so I really have no excuse anymore.  My old excuse was that I have to covet the time we have together since we lived in separate houses.

So tomorrow…  ON IT!  I will NOT give up!!

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