Life stuff

Checking in!  We have been busy around here with the kids finishing up school and getting Lonnie and Avalanche all moved in.  …and shaving Jessi’s head!  So it’s good busy!!  With school over, I am now the mom of a 6th grader, and a senior in high school!!  YIKES!!

Lonnie is trying to get a small business started selling survival kits and knives and custom knife sheaths, — and later on, classes.  So we have both been busy with that, making the kits, writing and editing his blog Clarke’s Bushcraft and Survival and the listings on Etsy and Ebay.  And I actually have dug out my “fancy camera” instead of only using my iphone to photograph the kits… which has got me wanting to take more photos again!  I am super proud of him for going for it like he is.  He loves working with his hands and making things… and “puttering” in his toolshed (formerly known as my storage shed…lol) and he loves the outdoors.  He is very into “bushcrafting” which is basically going out into the woods and surviving with as little gear as possible.  I am all set on that, but I am enjoying all of our outdoor endeavors… where I strive to thrive on as much gear as he will let me bring 😉

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