This is hard. And yes… That’s what she said.

Being an emotional eater sucks. Being an emotional eater at “that time the month” when you are highly emotional anyway and have cravings for things like cheez-it’s and sugar cereal and sour patch kids and Ben and Jerry’s coffee Heath bar crunch sucks extra super hard. Being an emotional eater when you are chomping at the bit for the love-of-your-life to move in with you and it’s just days away… But it’s not here yet and tonight you are alone… Extra alone because your kids are at their Dad’s house… Extra extra super sucks.

I came home and ate half a box of cheez it’s and then attacked a box of frosted flakes. I went over my calories by 263. Damn. I was then feeling my typical “oh well this day is blown, I may as well eat whatever.” I was also trying to talk myself into going out for a walk or a run but feeling very lazy and tired…another of those wonderful things about pms ;-). As I sat here arguing with myself…. Enter Butters (my brother’s dog)whining and dancing around wanting to go out… WELL… If I have to take him out anyway… I may as well take the little jerk for a nice long walk and cancel out my emotional binge!! So I took a 361 calorie walk and now have 97 left!! YAY ME!

I wrote this blog tonight to help me to not come home and ruin my success. Not gonna lie… I did have a brief moment of… “Well I already was over before and resigned myself to it… Maybe I should go for the sour patch kids in the name of pms….”

Not. Gonna. Do. It!!!!!

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