I am so proud of myself!!  I am freaking killing it!  I even had a “planned cheat day” and when I looked back at my calories for the week, I was still under my weekly calorie budget.

Stuff I have done to kill it…

  • Went way out of my comfort zone and ordered swordfish with cucumber lime salsa when I went out to dinner with the girls Friday night.  I have always been all “I have to eat bad food in order to have fun out at dinner” in the past.  Guess what!?  I STILL had fun, AND I tried a new food and it was BEYOND delicious!!!
  • I have exercised almost every day and yesterday got back to lifting with Lonnie.  I am so sore today and I love that feeling.
  • I read this AWESOME blog post on My Fitness Pal called “Why you should stop “working out” and start training” and it really resonated with me.  I am now officially IN TRAINING for my 5k in August!!
  • As part of my training I st

    arted running again using a 5k program on my phone. (I use the runmeter app)   YAY FOR RUNNING!!

  • I have used My Fitness Pal app EVERY DAY!
  • I have made myself delicious and PRETTY food and have enjoyed every bite and sip!! 

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