Snags and Moms and Babies and Love

  • My weight loss endeavor hit a snag… as it always seems to… when I got sick last week and still have an irritating, lingering cough.  I haven’t been able to exercise at all thanks to said cough, and I have eaten not-so-healthily— out of laziness and for comfort.  Bad Colleen.  Oh well though…. I will never give up and I am counting the seconds until I can get up or lay down without a coughing fit so that I can start running.  I am super excited about the Color Me Rad 5k in August and I wanna be ready!!

  • Mom is coming up to visit this weekend and I am excited to see her.  She is coming to meet her new grandson who I also can’t wait to see now that I am feeling better!!  I love all the photos they have been posting on FB and Instagram.  He is just too cute!!!

  • I love love.  The other night we were laying in bed and he was reading and I was all snuggled up in the crook of his arm with my head on his shoulder playing candy crush on my ipad (I have a serious addiction that may require an intervention at some point) and I just laid there taking a mental picture (and briefly considered grabbing my phone to take a real picture, but I was far to warm and cozy for that business!) and soaking it all in and just being so happy that I have him and we are so in sync and compatible and just freakin’ happy.  We have recently decided that we both just miss that stuff too much on nights when we are apart, so July will be the last month that he is a resident of Bangor.   We chose July because that will be a year that we have been together and we are very focused on doing things “right” for the kids and for us.  The kids are happy and anxious too and I am so happy about that!!

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