Puttin’ up some stuff

I finally took some time to do some decoratin’ around these parts.  With Lonnie working now, and my new 3 day weekend work schedule, I have a lot more time to myself to occupy.  Lonnie’s life used to be spent job hunting all day while I was at work, and then doting on me every second I was not at work.  This girl was S-P-O-I-L-E-D!  I will admit I have had a rough time adjusting to not being his full-time job anymore, but things are settling down and we are getting into a good routine, and I have actually found that having some “me time” isn’t the worst thing in the world!  I am kinda diggin’ it and it makes our time together even more fun and appreciated!

I gave up on trying to keep my brother’s dumb dog off the couch.

If you have never used 3m picture hanging strips... YOU  ARE MISSING OUT!!! 
In the midst of our ‘almost 8 mile’ hike


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