I wanna go!!

EVERYWHERE!! One of my favorite movies in the world is ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ I just love so much she just did it! Just left and DID IT!! I just watched ‘Outsourced’ and now I want to go live in India for awhile. Last week we watched ‘Hangover 2’ and that had me daydreaming about Thailand for days. I visit workingcouples.com at LEAST once a week to look at the listings. I am here for a least another few years until Sean is older, but looking at all those postings for caretakers couples in Costa Rica…. Estate managers in the Bahamas… Ranch hands in Texas… All provide excellent daydream fodder! While falling asleep at night I think about Lonnie and I working at a small island resort, him working the landscaping and other ‘man work’ and me doing the housekeeping and keeping our guests happy … I see us cooking meals together for the guests. Eating avocados and lemons and anything else we can grow, ripe and fresh off the tree! Dinner would be fresh harvested scallops or fish the we went out and speared after our afternoon siesta in the hammock…. Oh I have it all planned out… LOL!!!

I was visiting my brother the other day and he was talking about how it’s important to him to “put roots down” I feel completely opposite! I want no roots! I want to see the world and DO… And TRY… And SEE!! Roots schmoots!!

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