So….. I am 39.  That happened.  Just a hairs-length from 40.  I acted much more upset about it than I really was.  Yeah… 40 seems super old to me still and I don’t wanna be old…. BUT… I am far too happy with my life now to worry about it. I didn’t ‘waste’ half my life with the wrong person as I have heard from divorcees say.  I did spend way too much of my life being angry, nasty, and bitchy… but if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be who I am now, and I pretty much love who I am now.  Yeah I need to lose a few pounds… and I would like to be neater 😉  But…. 

– I am content. 
– I wake up thankful every day for my friends, family, and love.  
– I keep a daily gratitude journal and never have any trouble thinking of things I am grateful for.  In fact… I have trouble keeping it to one thing!
-I work to be a better person on the outside everyday, but more importantly on the INSIDE too!

In summary… I am basically just chock-full of awesome, no matter what the date of my birth certificate says!  

One thought on “39

  1. Good idea, doing it on your phone! I have started and stopped doing a gratitude journal more times than I can count…but I could totally keep to it if it is on my phone!!


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