Mission Accomplished!!!

I am posting to you all right now from my new IPad!!!!! I have wanted one for YEARS…. Well since April 2010 when they first came on the scene. One of my biggest ‘faults’ is that I am an irresponsible spender. I decided long ago that I was NOT going to get an iPad until I could really get one responsibly…. Like not instead of paying my car payment and worrying about the car payment when the calls start coming from auto finance company.

So I waited…. And waited… And lusted over my daughter’s that she has from school and pretty much never lets me play with!!!! Brat!

My waiting paid off when a friend if mine decided to sell hers because she wanted to buy a Mac book instead. So I got a really sweet deal :). Old me also would not have wanted a “used” iPad or would not have gotten it and paid more because she wanted a white one. That is old, spoiled stupid Colleen. This is new, awesome doin-shit-right Colleen!!!

…..and the car payment is still on time! šŸ˜‰

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