Day 2 almost done….

A serving of these is 3 of them for 130 calories. Worth it? HELL YEAH!! I gotsta have me a little sumthin sumthin or I will never succeed at this endeavor! Lonnie hid the rest of the bag from me so three is all I will have… Since his willpower is better than mine and he is not likely to give in to my begging for more…. Although that could be a fun challenge….. 😉

Oh right… I never talked about my endeavor on this new blog!! I am on a journey to lose the 30 pounds I have gained this year. Well…. Over the past few months. I still ended 2012 having lost some weight.

Soooo…. Day 2 almost done. Stile in I CAN DO THIS mode!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 2 almost done….

  1. Yeah to the new blog!! Got it saved in my blog reader and dished the old one!! You can lose the 30lbs I know you can…I've got to lose 20 and it's not going well, ekk…It's a thing called 3 cases of girl scout cookies my husband bought, grrr…


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